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Writing system 3

Writing system 3

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Introducing Writing System 3: the ultimate notebook for mastering Chinese characters. Review with ease, write dialogues or texts, practice and test your character knowledge seamlessly. Use the space in between the grids for tones or pronunciations.
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  • Grids per page


  • Practicing grids


  • Suitable for

    Hanzi, Kanji

  • Material

    Chlorine-free Biotop

  • Page color


  • Page size


Repetition is the mother of character learning

Designed for those who need endless character repetition. Writing System 3 also provides dedicated spaces to write tones and pronunciations in between the grids. Even challenging characters that resist memorization will be tackled effectively. Enjoy the freedom to write and practice freely, whether it's texts, dialogues, or sentences. The integrated notes section allows for in-depth language analysis. Unlock your writing potential with the freedom of Writing System 3.

It can be disheartening when even after multiple repetitions, certain characters still prove difficult to remember. This challenge can hinder your language progress and leave you feeling stuck. Writing System 3 is specifically designed to address these frustrations. With dedicated spaces between characters for writing tones and pronunciations and unlimited room for characters to write, you can reinforce your memorization and understanding.