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    At HOME OF CHARACTERS, our purpose is to foster intercultural connections through the power of language.We believe that learning foreign languages is vital for connecting with other cultures and people. Connecting with others gives us a sense of inclusion, connection, interaction, safety, and community. Communicating in someone else's language thus creates meaningful bonds and opens doors to exciting opportunities and enriching experiences, broadening one's worldview. Embracing linguistic diversity brings harmony and understanding to our interconnected world, while also creating lasting friendships.

  • Mission

    Our mission is to empower people to communicate in the native tongues of others. HOME OF CHARACTERS empowers language learners, especially those studying character-based languages like Chinese or Japanese. We provide innovative character notebooks designed to enhance the learning experience. Our notebooks offer a unique blend of practicality and creativity, enabling students to master complex characters with ease. Through our products, we strive to foster a deeper connection between language learners and the cultures they explore, making the journey of language acquisition both enriching and enjoyable.

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    We take pride in delivering character notebooks of high standards. Our premium sustainable paper ensures a smooth writing experience, perfect for mastering intricate characters. With thoughtful design and premium quality materials, our notebooks elevate language learning, empowering students to connect with new cultures through their writing journey.

  • Heritage

    As a graduate in Chinese Studies, my passion for the language led me beyond the curriculum in search of additional learning materials. Recognizing the lack of suitable support, I found myself endlessly practicing characters in math notebooks, unsuitable for this purpose. This experience drove me and my fellow students to crave structured study tools. Hence, the idea for our notebooks was born. After rigorous testing at Leiden University, we have perfected our notebooks to be highly effective in character practice and writing.

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