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Writing system 1

Writing system 1

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Learn characters effortlessly with our unique character notebook made for those just starting to learn a new script. You’ll receive guidelines, enough practicing grids, and room for notes that will structure your learning, improve retention, and enhance your handwriting.

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  • Amount of characters


  • Practicing grids


  • Suitable for

    Hanzi, Kanji

  • Material

    Chlorine-free Biotop

  • Page color


  • Page size


A journey of a thousand characters begins with a single character

Introducing our first innovative character notebook, thoughtfully designed for students venturing into a new script. Experience the power of repetition, allowing extensive practice of a single character. Tailor your learning experience with two writing sizes, progressing at your own pace. Embrace the spacious note-taking area to ensure better character retention. The notebook's premium quality features thick, non-shiny paper, ensuring a seamless writing experience free from ink bleed-through. Begin your character journey with confidence and ease.

Immerse yourself in the elegance of stroke order while the notebook keeps your language journey structured and organized to ensure an effective learning curve and improve character retention. Get our exclusive character notebook today and embark on an exciting path to character proficiency.