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Writing system 4

Writing system 4

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Tailored for experienced character specialists, this notebook offers the added advantage of refining your handwriting in a compact format.
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  • Grids per page


  • Practicing grids


  • Suitable for

    Hanzi, Kanji

  • Material

    Chlorine-free Biotop

  • Page color


  • Page size


Character learning is limitless

Writing System 4 is tailored for language enthusiasts already well-versed in a script using characters. Perfect for character mastery, this notebook enables ample practice in a more compact template, ideal for writing smaller characters. Embrace the art of precision as you aim for perfection in your strokes. Repetition is emphasized, allowing you to reinforce your expertise and achieve unparalleled character fluency.

Challenge yourself to write with utmost precision, witnessing your skills flourish. Through repetition, you'll develop a deeper connection with each character, fostering unmatched confidence in your language proficiency. Experience the satisfaction of seeing your characters come to life on paper, making this notebook an indispensable companion in your language exploration.